Frequently Asked Questions

What is boba?
Boba is a sweetened tapioca ball made of cassava root.

What about the other bottoms?
What we simply call ‘jelly’ is an assorted tropical fruit flavored agar jelly. Its texture is similar to boba, but with added flavor! ‘Red beans’ are red mung beans, which are popular in Asian desserts. They are sweet and have the texture of a cooked bean. ‘Grass jelly’, or leaf jelly, is a dessert found mainly in Southeast Asia. It is less sweet than our other bottoms, so it’s a good option for those with less of a sweet tooth. Finally, ‘popping boba’ is a fun bottom that was born out of the modern culinary process called “spherification.” Each ball is a sphere of juice that pops in your mouth when you bite them. If you’re curious about any of these, ask a barista for a sample!

What is Smooth Joe?
Smooth Joe is what we call our cold-brewed coffee. It can be served hot or cold, but is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for long periods of time. This results in a coffee with two-thirds of the acid of a hot brewed coffee, which brings out the flavor of the roast. We brew our Smooth Joe in the cafe from freshly ground Herman’s Boy coffee beans, and we always have a dark roast, a light roast, and a decaf option. Try it for a new coffee experience!

What about Aeropress?
Aeropress is another way that we make coffee. It is similar to a French press, but with a filter, so there is no grit! It is a hot brewed coffee made with beans that are only ground after you order. Be sure to ask your barista about the day’s roast.

Do your drinks contain dairy?
By default, our smoothies, milk teas, and milk-based coffee drinks all use dairy products. However, you can always ask for a milk alternative to be substituted in your drink at no extra cost. We have almond milk and soy milk at all times. Some of our flavors contain milk powder, so always tell your barista if you want to avoid these.

Is Cafe Boba gluten-free friendly?
Yes! The only drinks that contain gluten are those that use Oreo cookies. We also have gluten-free options on our food menu, such as our freshly rolled sushi and our oriental salad.

I have a dietary need. Can a menu item be altered for me?
All of our food and drinks are made to order, so please let us know and we will be happy to help! We sanitize all surfaces and equipment, and we use new gloves for every order to prevent cross-contamination. Common known allergens that we serve are dairy, eggs, walnuts, soy, gluten, and seafood.

Is there anything to do at Cafe Boba?
With free wi-fi and plenty of seating and outlets, Cafe Boba is the perfect place to study or work. Customers also have access to a variety of board games, as well as video games such as Rock Band. Like our Facebook page for news about upcoming events and promotions!

I’m interested in working at Cafe Boba, how do I apply?
We’re glad you are interested in joining the Cafe Boba team! Please send your resume and availability to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact us during business hours at 616-303-0088, message us on our Facebook page, or email us at

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